Breathing once in a while, is really nice.

The reason why you get sick that cannot be cured even by modern medicine.

Today was an eye-opening — I mean, sure I know that sometimes you got to go outside and catch some air. But, having just heard it is just like reading a paper about how to drive — way different from actual driving.

My friend is going outside town, his college has opened and now he cannot stay here any longer (sure, he will come back.) and so we decided to go out for a bit.

I was feeling especially sick yesterday and the day before — a lot of coughing, sneezing and just uneasiness in general. I couldn’t focus on my studies too. I just kept thinking how do I get better.

Well, the real reason for me not feeling well was because I am not following my daily routine which comprises of exercises and also am sleeping late. (I woke up at 5:30, just 30 mins after going to bed 💀).

So, that was the problem. Even with sufficient sleep this morning, I wasn’t feeling well. But here I was, sitting behind my homies on a bike. It was really comfortable to talk to someone and breathe in some air.

Things like these make you realize that as much as working hard, you should pay attention to your engine. Your drive has to be unwavering, but if you notice yourself getting throttled down. Then don’t push yourself — it’s the flow of your own body and not the society, for which you should move against the flow.

After the entire ride and back home, I felt relieved — for reasons unknown. It’s just that the mind has very confusing ways of working. You can push through but injury during exercises will lead you to be unable to push for months let alone weeks. The same applies for the mind. Thus, calm down, take a deep breath and listen…

“The mind reflects the world, and the world reflects the mind.” — James Pierce.




🐱‍👤An Average Anime Watcher. 🐱‍👓Cat lover too. (but had a pet dog) 🐱‍💻Posts on anything that is relevant (to him)🐱‍🏍On his Grindset for at least 36 hour

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Hursh Gupta

Hursh Gupta

🐱‍👤An Average Anime Watcher. 🐱‍👓Cat lover too. (but had a pet dog) 🐱‍💻Posts on anything that is relevant (to him)🐱‍🏍On his Grindset for at least 36 hour

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